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Cushy Cove was created to give babies and parents a safe, fun place where curiosity, adventure and growth become a natural part of a family's home.


Cushy Cove playmats are completely free of any potentially harmful materials such as BPA, EVA, plasticizers, and phthalates, and they are made with 100% recyclable materials to keep both baby's habitat and our environment safe.


Hands down, we believe the floor is the safest place for babies. In the US, falls are the #1 reason for emergency room visits for kids under the age of five. Thanks to their large size (comparable to a queen-sized mattress) and extra-cushiony texture, our playmats soften babies' falls and give them plenty of room to roll, sit, stand, and tumble so they can boldly keep exploring.


A hypoallergenic, waterproof, one-piece design makes our playmats easy to clean—no mess stuck between puzzle pieces! Roll them away for easy storage, flip them over to use the other side, or take them with you on picnics and camping trips. Our playmats were made to be a versatile, durable part of your baby's life for years and years to come.


Our original and authentic mats were the first of their kind, developed 25 years ago in South Korea, where floor-based living is part of a centuries'-old tradition. Over time, we've continued to evolve and enhance the original design to bring our hypoallergenic, waterproof and ultra-soft playmats to the US market.


JJ Park bought his son's first cushy mat from a friend in South Korea in 2008. At the time, he was working as a Software Development Engineer and Marketing Business Analyst for and quickly saw a need for high-quality playmats for growing families like his. In 2010, JJ began selling the original cushy mats online. This endeavor, which combined his online selling experience with his fluency in the Korean language, quickly evolved into a full-time, rapidly-growing business. Today, Cushy Cove playmats have received an Amazon Choice Award and an overall 5-star rating with more than 1500 reviews.

Born in Akron, Ohio, JJ grew up in Seoul, Korea and lives in Seattle with his wife and three kids. He travels often between the US and Korea to introduce the best of both cultures to each other as he grows Cushy Cove. 

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